Qurban 2019 Campaign
July 17, 2019

We invite you to participate in our qurban campaign to reach out to people who..

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Reaching Out to Refugees
March 20, 2017

Nile Humanitarian Development Agency under its Food and Aid program has extended out to the..

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Uganda Map

The Pearl of Africa – Uganda

The vast majority of people don’t have enough food and water to lead a healthy active life, in addition to these no access to health facilities and quality education.
For that reasons, a group of people came together in Uganda to take an action against these problems.

Their action resulted to formation of an NGO, Nile Humanitarian Development Agency which was founded in 2009 and since than so many projects have been implemented in the area.

  • Mission

    Seeking project-based aid from International non-governmental or offical organizations and organizing in-coming aid and delivering it to needy people in Uganda.

  • Vision

    Encouraging other countries` humanitarian organizations to cooperate with us to help on ever increasing number of people annually and being an example to people in Uganda, and motivating them to do same projects for their own country.

  • Aim

    Our aim to deliver aid needy people in Uganda, we do this using the limited resources within our means and in partnership with other development partners whom we share similar aims and objectives.

Our Projects