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The vast majority of people don’t have enough food and water to lead a healthy active life, in addition to these no access to health facilities and quality education.

For that reasons, a group of people came together in Uganda to take an action against these problems.

Their action resulted to formation of an NGO, Nile Humanitarian Development Agency which was founded in 2009 and since than so many projects have been implemented in the area.


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Our History

Estimated 3000 people were affected by floods. Food, clothes, blankets aids were delivered to Karamoja region the most affected area by the disaster through the Ministry of Disaster and Preparedness of the Republic of Uganda.

  • In the last four years, around 100.000 people were given meat and food aids.
  • Every year 50 students were given scholarships.
  • Ten Orphanages were given food and clothes aid. (Up to Date)
  • 2012 January school and hospital construction are started.


  • A hundred thousands of people were supplied with Meat and food items.
  • Over Ten boreholes have been drilled in the area ever.
  • 2014 August Horizon College has been opened.
  • 2014 November Kym Nile Hospital commences service.

2015 TO DATE

  • Over a hundred thousand people were supplied with Meat and other food items.
  • About one hundred and Ten students were offered scholarships in different schools in Uganda.
  • Support inform of Clothing, Scholastic material, food items and raising structures has been offered.
  • About forty boreholes were drilled.
  • An orphanage in Mityana is being renovated and New classroom blocks are being build.
  • More than five orphanages are being supplied with food aid during the year.
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