Reaching Out to Refugees

Nile Humanitarian Development Agency under its Food and Aid program has extended out to the Kampala Urban Refugees through Inter-Aid Uganda, Office of the Prime Minister – Uganda and United Nations high Commission for Refugees. The program involved distribution of Food and Sanitary items to 150 families, most of whom were Patients with Special Needs (PSNs).

Uganda is home to over 500,000 refugees and Asylum seekers from Burundi, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Rwanda, Eritrea and many others. Close to 85,000 of the total refugee population live in central urban areas. A large percentage of these do not earn a living due to their background and challenges of fully integrating into the Ugandan Society. This makes it extremely hard for them to afford good accommodation, health, and food given the limited financial aid from support organizations and the government.

Identifying this gap, Nile Humanitarian Development Agency reached out to many refugees in the urban settlements of different races and ages with food items and sanitary items including cooking oil, Spaghetti, Sugar, Hand washing soap, wheat and many more.

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